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Best Ways To Increase Your Google Ads CTR

by | Nov 24, 2020

We wrote this to show you our proven strategies to increase your Google Ads CTR. Google Ads is an awesome way to skip the organic search and catapult your advertising efforts to the top of Google search.

Although Google Ads can take a while to learn, these strategies are some sure-fire ways to improve your results, increase your CTRs and ultimately save you money! If you’re new to Google Ads, you might want to check out our Google Ads Beginner’s Guide for 2020.

Getting Started

Google Ads has come along way since its inception. Google’s algorithm has become increasingly more sophisticed over the years.

They’ve introduced some really cool features to help your ads perform better and get you the results you’re looking for. Marketers have also come up with some clever tactics along the way to help you become more successful with Google Ads.

The first aspect of Google Ads you should get familiar with is extensions.


Extensions are some of the easiest ways to improve your CTR. They allow your customers to get more information about what you’re selling, link directly to different parts of your site, improve your quality score.

The types of extensions you should add depend on your business goals and what you’re advertising.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are a great way to increase the visibility of what you offer and allow leads direct access to deeper parts of your website.

Take a look at a example ad we made and how these sitelink extensions are useful to our potential customers.

example of proper sitelinks can increase your google ads ctr

Google offers up to four sitelink extensions. We highly recommend using all four. You’re also able to have two lines of descriptions for each. You want to utilize all the additional space for copy you can get.

Callout Extensions

Another one of our proven strategies to increase Google Ads CTR is callout extensions. Callouts identify unique value propositions your business offers to your customers.

For example, we used “local to Indianapolis” to showcase our local presence. Some other common ones are “Free Shipping,” “Great Customer Service.” or “Competitive Pricing.”

Call Extensions

This one might be a little more misdirecting. You might think having a phone number on an ad might not affect conversion rates very much.

However, they play a pretty important role in increasing conversions and likely improving your quality score, too.

Tip: Don‘t forget to use the exact same phone number as on your website. It really matters!

Location Extensions

A cool aspect of Google Ads is its ability to connect to Google My Business.

If you connect them you can enable location extensions! Location extensions and it will show up as a map marker and distance from the lead.

If your customers were going to use the GPS to navigate to your business anyway, make it easier for them using this great extension.

Message Extensions

Enabling messaging extensions is one of the most recent proven strategies to increase your Google Ads CTR.

Message extensions allow your customers to get their questions answered quickly and connect with your business.

Writing Copy That Increases Your CTR

One of the most important parts of a well-written ad is the copy. We’ve established a strategy that leads to consistently high CTRs time and time again.

There are three different headlines you’re allowed to use for regular text ads. Remember, your ultimate goal to get people to click on your ads. That’s why you should use the space you have to your advantage!

Headline 1 (what you’re selling)

We use headline 1 as a direct showcase of what we’re selling. Try to make it as straightforward as possible. Whatever you’re trying to sell, tell them in the first headline.

he simplest way is usually the best! Take a look at the ad above for a clear example. “Local business marketing” is what we’re offering so we put it first.

Headline 2 (value propisition)

Headline 2 should showcase the value you’re offering to your customers.

“Get your business found online” is the value of what we’re offering. Steve Jobs didn’t sell the iPod with what it does. “5gb’s of storage with our new mp3 player.” Instead, he advertised it as “a thousand songs in your pocket.” Jobs showcased the value of the iPod.

Headline 3

We recommend headline 3 as a branding tool. It’s a great space to add your business name.

You can use additional copy, too.

Tip: Alt + 0-1-7-4 = ® if your brand has a registered trademark


When we write out descriptions we make sure we use all the characters available (90 at the moment), give another value proposition and make sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the end.

Day Parting

Dayparting is a great way to save money and increase your CTR. If you’re not open at 7 pm but have your ads running 24/7, you might get the idea why that’s not very cost-effective.

Google Ads has a tool that lets you choose when your ads go live. You can also use the tool to run ads in the morning only or choose time frames for different campaigns, etc.


Google Ads is a very sophisticated tool that enables you to get more leads and customers to your business. However, it can be pretty daunting if you’ve never used it before. We’ve put together a list of proven strategies to increase your Google Ads CTR. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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